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HAWAII TIME 04/20/2018 Friday 02:49AM

FAQ: Reservation

Q1. How far in advance should a reservation be made?

We recommend reservations be made 1 – 2 weeks in advance.

Q2. Do I have to provide a credit card for a confirmation?

Yes, all reservations require a credit card number to confirm.

Q3. Do you offer a special rate for round trip, airport transfers?

Round-trip, airport transfers have a courtesy discount applied to the rate.

Q4. Why did it take so long for your office to respond?

Our Time Zone. We are unable to process responses between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am HST.

For example, if you sent an inquiry from New York at 7am, it arrives in our office at 1am.

Our office staff begins work at 7am Hawaii Standard Time...that's a six hour difference.

Q5. Why do I reach your Voice Mail every time that I call your office?

Our phone lines are busy or you may be calling during a time when our office is closed.

Rather than hang up and call back, if you leave a message and a time that we can call you back, someone from Hawaii Car Service will return your call.

Remember to tell us the best time to contact you according to your time zone.